Additional Components

Here you will find any additional components that may be required for installation. If you have any quiries please contact support.

Microsoft SQL Server

For network installations the applications connect to an SQL database, by default we will advise using SQL Express which is a free version available from Microsoft.
Below are a few recommendations when running SQL Server, we always advise contacting support for more information.

  • By default SQL uses ports 1433 and 1434 TCP & UDP which will need allowing through any firewalls that may be running
  • SQL Express 2008 onwards is compatible with the applications
  • SQL authentication must be enabled
  • There should be at least 20GB of free disk space on the target machine
  • Conquest does not perform any type of backups on the SQL, this is your responsibility

We also advise installing SQL Management Studio which will help with setup/troubleshooting.

ConQuest Q-Series & Take Off Integration

ConQuest Q-Series and Take Off can be integrated which allows measurements taken in Take Off to be available in Q-Series. This requires the installation and setup of a messageing service, RabbitMQ. This is a free product. In network instance this should be installed on a server visible to all machines on the network, on single setups this is installed on teh same machine as the applications.
By default the messaging runs on port 5672 which should be allowed through any firewalls that may be running.

RabbitMQ runs using the Erlang environment which must be installed before hand.

NOTE: Always contact support when installing/configuring the messaging/SQL services.